One of the biggest regrets in my life would be not joining Keyclub my freshmen year. I was a really awkward and shy person. I never had any intentions on joining any type of clubs. But during the summer I was invited to volunteer with keyclubbers from my own school and i honestly had the best time doing so. That summer, I realized how much fun keyclub was and I decided to be more active when school starts. I ran for an officer position and was given the opportunity to go to DCON. At first I was like what’s DCON? I don’t want want to go… But I forced to go because I was the elected secretary for our keyclub. 

When I arrived in Seattle for the District Convention 2012, that was when my whole perspective of “keyclub” changed. Keyclub was not just a club, it was more than that. It’s a continuous organization that is dedicated on making a difference in the world. Whether it be big or small, it will matter and can make huge difference. The most important thing I took back and the whole reason I stayed in keyclub was spreading the positivity. Having that positive attitude and being able to spread it with people around me has always made me happy.

There is no true definition of a keyclubber because everybody has their own views. To me a keyclubber is someone who strives to make a positive impact on others. They are a leader wherever they go. They aspire others on the things they do. Keyclub will definitely form and shape someone’s character. That is why I am so thankful for being apart of keyclub and everybody that it consists of. One of my best decision was to join keylcub. 

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