I will never have the guts to try to be friends with you.

i get sad. really really sad.

you are so hot and it really just makes me mad because why can’t I be that hot?

idkitstommy asked:


Tommy! I haven’t gotten to know you on a personal level but you’re very silly and straightforward from my POV. Your posts are pretty entertaining and relatable as well!

I’d like to get to know you more~

Anonymous asked:
Mm give more of the gay stuff and let me imagine you


Anonymous asked:
Tell a gay sex story ;)

He said, let’s change position:
So, he laid on his back, it’s a missionary
I started slow again, while I slide my cock in and out of his ass. Then I started going fast. I put my finger in his mouth while he sucks it.
I didn’t know it before, but that thing turned me on. I apparently also kinda chocked him but not hard, just to the point of kinky good. He started yelling my name, and that was turning me on too.
I fucked him harder and harder, until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I came, then I was still hella hard, that I didn’t pull out yet. Then I just kept fuckin him fast and ramming that ass until my last load cums out. (THIS IS NOT NY STORY OMFG. I DIDNT READ IT BUT i PASTED IT)